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Northern Namibia faces many challenges, one of them being the difficulty for families of children to afford a good education which ultimately is the tool to self empowerment.

Gems Field is located strategically in one of many such regions challenged by economic desparity and inaccessibility to education, and invites you to sponsor a child to be able to attend school.

How it works:

For a monthly donation of USD$65.00, or as a full year one-time payment of USD$780.00, you are supplying all the necessary ingredients for a child aged between 4 and 10 years old, to attend school at Gems Field. The exact allocation of the funds divided among the services rendered to the child is as follows:

What you get as a sponsor:

Besides experiencing the ultimate satisfaction that you are making a massively positive difference in building a future for a child in Namibia, Gems Field is dedicated to providing the most exciting sponsorship experience for you through the professional management of the sponsored child's family, the teaching staff, and yourself. The following list explains the interaction you can expect from your sponsored child:

You won't regret it, ever!

You will never regret being a sponsor for a child at Gems Field Private School. Every penny you contribute is entirely applied to the direct learning cost of your sponsored child, there is no waste or unnecessary overhead costs involved. Your help will be forever appreciated, and will have a long term positive impact on each individual life you assist in the quest for self-empowerment for a strong, healthy future for all.

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